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Friday, 29 March 2013

A personal review on Doronto Express Chennai to Coimbatore

Hi Everyone,

This month i went to Chennai for a very important purpose(applying for my visa). After Long trouble i some how managed to submit it to the embassy yesterday. I went to Chennai along with my father and we stayed in Annanagar with my cousin. To my surprise i was on the right time to celebrate my cousin's birthday. Ok that was bit long story lets come to the point. Actually we planned to come back on thursday through west coast but at last min our tickets got cancelled. So without a choice we booked Doronto Express for friday morning 7.15 am which is a non- stop train  from chennai to coimbatore (They stop in Erode for 5 min to take the afternoon lunch). The cost of this trip was bit higher as we booked in Thakkal Scheme. The total cost for two adults was 1710 INR which was bit higher.The coach was complete AC, and Its a semi- sleeper chair car.
Since, It was bit early time to catch we decided to start of from anna nagar at 6.15 am. we got a cab and we reached central around 6.40 am. we found our platform and we went there and got settled in the train our coach number was C2 and seat number 42& 43. Since it was two different seats we asked for swap of seats and luckily we got it . so we sat in 40&41. The train seats were good but the hand rest for my dad was bit broken. The coach had seating arrangements of 3: 2. The ticket can be ordered online at this link

The Seat Back Side which has attached Table
Once the journey we were greeted with a bottle of water and a tray with Biscuit, chocolate and A pack of sugar and milk powder.

Tray had a welcome note
Our First Impression
Sorry for the blurred shot

They served a flask with hot water for a tea followed by newspaper.

The offered a selection of newspapers and we opted for Tamil Newspapers. Since My dad can't stay without reading a newspaper so he immediately started reading them.

The breakfast came very soon . since we booked through online we had choice of selecting Veg or Non- Veg. So I decided for Veg and Dad choose Non- Veg. First they provided the non veg food items and then veg. When I explored Dad's food it was like an English breakfast. The platter was served with 3 slices of bread, good size omelet, Butter, Tomato ketchup, Kissan Mixed fruit jam.

The close look of  omelet  

Dad Preparing his Breakfast.

My Veg Platter

The next was my veg platter. it was bit huge with ven pongal, vadai, sambhar, chutney, bread slices, butter, jam.

Once we done with the food we were given a packed juice drink. It was mango & pineapple drink. was sensibly good.

Once our stomach was full we decided to take a power nap. I slept solidly for an Hour and after I woke up I decided to watch a movie .

Around 12.30 they served Breadstick, Butter, salt and pepper for Our soup.

The soup served was really awesome not bad at all

Non Veg Luch Platter

My Veg Platter

Both Platter Had 2 chappathi, A dal curry, Curd, salad and Pilauf rice For Non veg curry they provided a chicken curry a resonable amount taste like a north Indian curry and for veg platter it was a panneer butter masala in which the panneer was so soft but the taste of the curry was not nice. Over all it was full for both of us.

Finally at the end we got a cup of ice cream as finishing touch.

Overall the experience in the train was very nice and pleasant. Though the trip was bit costly but worth for it.

Please note- This review is purely based on my own experience and not a paid one !!!!!!!

Saturday, 2 March 2013


Its true for everyone who has so much hidden inside but couldn't express, me too feeling the same !!!

for those hearts which are in pain.....

source -google

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hello Friends,

Hope you all had a fabulous new year 2013, Me too had a wonderful time with my family after 2 years. we purchased a new bike this new year for my dad. So i just want to share with you all about our latest addition to the family, Suzuki Swish 125. A very cool bike which i really loved.

Suzuki Swish 125
Though the bike is for my dad, I am using it more often than my dad. I love riding in it, i feel like flying when I ride it. It is a new model and very trendy, bit heavy too compared to honda activa. The coolest part is its style. The Metallic Flint Grey  colour we got is bit demand in my place, luckily we got it.
I am not really good at explaining about a bike so here is a link for you if you want to know some details about this cool bike.

Thanks, will catch you soon with some other inspiration.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

This is my very first post in my blog after a very long time I decided to start blogging with inspiration from my close friends. So here is my first post, a very special post which i am starting on 12/12/12. This Post is to give a small intro about my new project "HANDMADE JEWELERRY"

So You can think I am going to post lots of things about jewelleries, Well if you think so you are right!!!!!
Yes I really got inspired by the jewelleries. I came across this beautiful elegant chain which was made by my Hindi teacher.(I know its bit late to learn Hindi.).

Crystal Necklace 

This Beautiful necklace was made with red crystals. it comes with a matching beautiful pair of ear rings. This eleghant set made me inspired to start my blog. So my friends today i am starting this blog with this crystal necklace, which looked really cool. I am just learning to take photos so please pardon me for the worst pictures.